Today I’ve had the loveliest day as it was finally my spa day treat from Harry. Harry surprised me with a spa day, two treatments, dinner and alcohol for my birthday last month. Even though my birthday was well over a month ago we booked our spa day for late September so we could have a late treat and carry on my birthday celebrations. So today we went to the spa at the Britannia hotel in Northenden near Didsbury.

When we arrived we were greeted to dressing gowns, fluffy slippers and a towel and asked who was having which treatment. We had a choice between a facial and a full back massage and originally I was going to have the facial but I decided to choose the massage at the last minute, which meant harry was going to have the skincare facial lol. I’ve never had a massage before, I’ve only seen it on friends. I was worried about it being awkward considering I’m more or less naked but I was with a really friendly lady (didn’t catch her name) who made me feel at ease. My backs been so achy recently but now I feel like I have a brand new back! All the tension that was there from sitting at my desk Monday-Friday has disappeared. Well until Monday at least…

After meeting back with Harry I quizzed him about his facial. I’m really interested in skincare and I learned he had been cleansed, toned, moisturised, had a face mask on and had his face steamed.. His skin literally looked flawless so next time a facial is on offer I think it’s my turn. Feeling nice and refreshed we headed to the Jacuzzi and had it all to ourselves. Bliss. I love a Jacuzzi. I love the deckchairs you have at a spa, makes me feel like I am on holiday and makes me want to book a holiday! I won a £250 travel voucher this month so pretty soon me and harry will be booking ourselves into a hotel and getting on the beach.

After a treatment, Jacuzzi and swim we were so nice and relaxed so decided to get lunch as it was part of our offer. It’s been such a lovely and well needed day, I definitely need to start going too spas more often as a treat when life gets a bit stressful. Now my final birthday treat is over I have to start admitting that it’s no longer my birthday. Until next august….

Christie X