Tomorrow is my sisters 21st birthday so myself, Harry and the family made the trip to Preston to go for a birthday meal at the restaurant Olive Tree Brasserie. I supplied party hats of course but the packet only had six in so we had to put them on a first come first serve basis.

The Olive Tree Brasserie is a Greek restaurant located in Preston town centre and has a really pretty and modern interior inside. We went for the early diner menu as we were eating at 1pm and I began my first course with the Greek salad. A mix of feta, tomatoes, cucumber, roquito peppers and house dressing. I love having a salad as a starter and this one was lovely and fresh. In some restaurants, the starters can be too small but this was a perfect size for me and the presentation was spot on.

For the main course, I had Thalassina Hilopites which is a pasta dish with calamari, prawns, haddock and cream in a tomato-based sauce. I’m not a fussy eater at all but I don’t usually pick a seafood dish when I eat out. Today I was feeling pasta and I like to pick dishes I wouldn’t usually go for so today decided to go with this seafood dish. It was lovely! I had never tried calamari before but it was so salty and I put salt on everything (bad christie) so this was right up my street. Pasta is my life and this was just the dish for me. I think pasta is quite hard to present other than in a bowl but everyone else’s food was presented really beautifully and was delivered quickly and with great service. We had a few waiters as we were a large party and all of them were nice and friendly- I used to be a waitress so I can be quite judgey when I eat out over the service.

For my dessert, the most important part of the meal, I had the Greek Mess which is a meringue dish with vanilla yoghurt, berry compote and strawberries. I have an incredibly sweet tooth so dessert is always an important time for me at the meal lol. I’m one of them where I’m really happy with my food but I keep on looking at other peoples food and hoping that they offer me a bite.

I have never eaten in Preston before or tried Greek food so this was a great day for me- killing two birds with one stone. Plus, a free meal is always nice isn’t it?