In August I began my placement year at Very in Liverpool and most of my work is based on a laptop. I noticed last month that my eyes were feeling a little strained so I decided to book myself in for an eye test at Boots Opticians. I hadn’t had an eye test since I was really little and if I’m honest, I’ve been really lucky with my eyes and never had any problems. The test came back that I need glasses for the computer so confirmed what I had already suspected.

Now, I have never had a pair of glasses before so I didn’t really know where to start looking and what shops were best. My plan was to go into town and have a walk around the shops but as I work Monday-Friday it’s about finding the time. The Glasses Direct website was recommended to me so I decided to have a look and see what styles that they sold. With sunglasses, I tend to go for a cat-eye style so thought this would be best when ordering a pair of glasses.

On the website, there is an offer on where you can get two pairs for the price of one. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a pair of glasses online just in case they didn’t look right on me and then I have the hassle of sending them back. Glasses Direct have a free home trial service where you can choose up to 4 pairs of glasses and have the frames sent to your home, ready for you to try on. The only catch is that you have to send the parcel back within 7 days or you get charged for the frames. But with a sticker which gives you free postage, this is absolutely manageable. 

I chose 4 similar ish styles and within a few days, they were sent out to me in a box with clear instructions of what to do next. After trying on all 4 pairs it was clear to me which 2 pairs that I liked the most and knew that I would order (I went for the top two pairs if you are interested!). My manager had forwarded me a code to get £33 off your glasses order and free delivery, so my order only came to about £60. At the checkout, I added on the scratch resistant coating and another coating that stops a reflective glare. 
When you make your order, Glasses Direct state that your order will be processed when they have received your free home trial. I received an email a few days later stating that my home trial had been received and that my order was being processed. A few days later my glasses came and my headaches at work have started to disappear and I can actually SEE!

Overall, it’s been a great experience. The free home trial is a great marketing concept, the glasses were delivered promptly and I was updated with emails across the whole journey. If you need glasses and are debating where to shop, I really recommend and feel free to use my £45 off code which can be found here: 
Write soon x