Now that I’m 6 weeks in (6 weeks already eek!!) of my placement year at Shop Direct / Very in Liverpool, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the last month or so of my life and what I am learning as I go. Plus, I like talking lol. I need to stop using ‘lol’ actually. It started off as a joke and now I can’t stop saying it!!

So, what have I learned?

1. First Impressions DO count
My plan for this year was completely different than what it is right now. BUT I wouldn’t change anything. I originally applied for a different placement back in Jan and when I didn’t get it I was just going to carry on into my final year of uni and work part-time. Then 4 months later I got an email saying they were still thinking about me and had another role that they thought I might be suitable for. And here I am, 6 weeks in and loving it. My official role is Talent, Social and Comms Intern. Mum always said my name was unique so people would remember me but I like to think it’s because I made a fab lasting impression.

2. I finally have a routine
Because mine was shite. Go to bed at 4 am wake up at 9, go to work and repeat. Waking up about 12 times a night was doing my head in and even though I try to go to bed at 9 most nights (clearly not tonight oops) I feel much better and have more energy every day. Plus it’s nice for the first time in my life to have weekends off and enjoy myself

3. I have my own email
Yes, there are better aspects of my job then getting my own email but I HAVE MY OWN EMAIL. I can set reminders, notes, have a little signature at the end of every email. It’s the little things in life after all and I feel official okay.

4. I love social media and now I am managing it
I’m lucky that part of my job role is managing the company Linked In, London website, name it, I’m gonna increase it’s following (in time). It’s actually really interesting being behind the scenes of the brand and seeing how a brand curates content.

5. Charity Work
Shop Direct don’t sponsor me to say nice things, I’m just full of nice things to say. Every year to two years the company select a charity and raise anything over 200k for them. This year’s target is 600k and I’m happy to be a part of selecting the new charity and being involved with all the fun events and behind the scenes work. It feels good helping out the community.

6. The gym
My work has a free gym, what more could I want? Right now I’m really enjoying a healthy lifestyle during the week and a takeaway/cider lifestyle at the weekend. Have to get a good life balance don’t you. I’m enjoying going to Yoga, Pilates, Boxing etc and its a really good way to make friends too.

7. Learning
Now, up until this year, I was always saying ‘I’m three years into uni and still don’t know if I made the right choice’ or ‘I don’t get why I am learning this’. NOW I get it. Those days of csr strategies that went over my head now make sense as I am seeing real life examples of how they are implemented. And my love of illustrator is coming in useful when people want logos designing and I’m the girl for the job.

8. I won a competition
So I commute to Liverpool every day, yes I get up at half 5 each day. I’m not mad, just dedicated. The job gives me exactly what I need right now so the traveling is worth the experience. I entered an Arriva bus competition and surprisingly won a £250 travel voucher so looks like me and Harry are using it to contribute to a holiday hooray!

9. Money
Surprised money wasn’t up there on the top of my list. Couldn’t write a post on what I enjoy about placement year without mentioning the perks of full-time work. It is glorious. However, I do think the post lady knows me now with all the new clothes and shoes I’m ordering.

10. My attitude
Lastly, I have my most important point. I’ve always been a go-getter but at times have lacked motivation. Now I have a full purpose, I know that I am wanted at work, I work with people who care about me and what I have been up to and I care about them and I care about my job. I feel more motivated and can’t wait to get to work each day. I’m already thinking about work for next summer! But my dad always said not to wish my life away so right now I’m enjoying every moment 🙂