Last night was date night and with a list of restaurants that I want to visit it seemed fitting that we picked one from the list (when I say ‘we’ I mean me). After looking on the West Didsbury Instagram page we decided upon ‘Folk café and bar’ and set off. If you’re not following the @westdidsbury Instagram page I definitely recommend it if you want to find cute little cafes that are a step away from the chains in central Manchester.

Folk café bar is an award winning bar that is on Burton Road in West Didsbury. You can’t miss it as it is a beautiful venue with seating inside and outside and it’s open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am to 11pm. We grabbed a seat outside as it wasn’t raining for once and the ceiling is covered with little light bulbs- very cute!

Now I’m a bit samey when it comes to ordering food and I always go for the same dishes. So last night I was debating between a few dishes and the waitress was really great in helping me choose. I love getting recommendations for food so decided to trust her completely in making my choice for me. The service was great at folk, I didn’t catch her name but our waitress was absolutely lovely!

I ordered the lamb flatbread which is a lamb dish with harissa sauce, pickled cabbage, coriander, pomegranate seeds and yoghurt dressing served on flatbread. I’ve actually had to ring up folk this morning to ask about the dish as tipsy me forgot to take a picture of the menu so I forgot what my dish was called. I think it’s always lovely if you’ve enjoyed your meal to let them know! It was beauuuuuuutiful. Never something I would usually order but oh my god it was good. I couldn’t get my head around the pomegranate seeds so I originally asked for it without, however, the waitress recommended to keep them so I went with it and surprisingly they were a really nice touch with the spices. Beautifully presented with just the right amount of spice. I’m not great with spicy foods but I could just about hack this one. I also ordered the halloumi bites with a sweet sauce that I think was chilli jam perhaps? Or sweet chilli? It was lovely anyway! I’m a bit obsessed with halloumi at the moment so if anyone knows any great halloumi places please tell me lol. Harry had the margherita pizza- I’m trying to get him to branch out with his food and he did order sweet potato fries so we are making progress! Got to give him credit.


I never usually order alcohol with my meal as I like to have it separate but last night I had a really sweet strawberry and pomegranate cider. I love alcohol that tastes like fruit juice!

Date night was a success- hooray! Great food followed by a few cocktails at the Slug and Lettuce. Can’t go wrong with 2-for-1 cocktails. I didn’t drink last weekend so last night I really enjoyed having my cocktails and I got a free sweet necklace with them. It’s fab that harry doesn’t eat sweets as it meant I got his sweet necklace too!

Christie X