When I go out for food I always like to visit somewhere I have never been before. I like discovering independent cafes and eateries that are not part of a chain as I always find a little-hidden treasure with the best food. This year I’ve written a list of the places I want to visit and I’m slowly ticking them off one by one.

Yesterday I went to visit ‘Federal cafe & bar’ with my friend Shaniee. I usually pick places that have a bit of a smaller reputation than Federal, however, as it’s been raved about quite a lot I thought I would try it for myself. Based in the Northern Quarter, Federal is opposite the side entrance to the Arndale. It took us a while to find it as I’m one of them who likes to find things myself rather than google map it. It was reasonably nice weather yesterday in Manchester and as it wasn’t raining we decided to sit on one of the tables outside.

I love brunch style food, if a cafe sells smoked salmon and eggs I am sold. We ordered from the all-day brunch menu which is served until 7pm, so it’s actually open til quite late really for a cafe. It was a really nice and relaxed cafe where you pick what you want and then order at the till. I chose to have the eggs benedict option which has: poached free range eggs, buttered spinach and hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast. I was incredibly hungry when we got there so I also asked for a side of Halloumi. This only came to £11 which is surprisingly very cheap for the portion size that we got! Have a look at the menu here: http://federalcafe.co.uk/food/

It was amazing! I adore smoked salmon and eggs but some places can be so stingy with the salmon…however, this was not the case and if anything we had too much! Not a problem though as it’s my fave. I’ve actually only tried halloumi this year and I have no idea why as I love how salty it is. I never think that brunch will fill me up but we actually had a lot of rich foods when I think about it, bread, salmon, eggs etc.

Federal did not dissappoint what so ever and this is definitely one of my top faves for brunch. The service was extremely quick, staff was friendly and the food was delicious. It’s always a good feeling when you feel like you got your money’s worth.

If anyone has any other food places to recommend please pass them over- would love to try them out!

Christie x