The shoes of my dreams (other than my slippers)

Last week I treated myself to a new pair of shoes from the Lissyxpublicdesire collection and these are the only shoes I am wearing at the moment. Getting my money’s worth after all!

They come in a pretty, metallic silver box and inside they each have a shoe cover which is actually quite handy if you fall over when drunk like me and sober you wants to keep them as nice as possible in your room.

I feel like a pretty ballerina princess when I wear them and have had so many compliments so far on the style. Considering they are quite high, the heel is a block style so they are really comfy and surprisingly easy to walk in.

As they have a blush ribbon attached you can tie the ribbon like a ballerina style point shoe or can tie it in a double bow around your ankle. They also have a black and white pair which I have my eye on, they will probably be bought next payday along with a few other treats.

I am in love