1. A lot can change in a week, month, year
I thought I would begin my list with one that is very significant to my life. At the beginning of this year, I was gutted about being rejected from a placement interview, only 4 months later to receive an email saying they were still thinking about me and had another opportunity. Life has a wonderful way of throwing experiences at us, whether everything happens for a reason we will never know, but I believe that life throws things in our way that will help us. If we apply this to life than I guess that our mindsets can be different from week to week, day by day even. If you think a bad situation is everlasting- chances are it’s making way for something much more important

2. Just saying the power of positive thinking doesn’t make it happen
It’s all about how we implement this way of thinking. Just saying we are going to be happy doesn’t work. We have to find time to find new strategies that make us feel positive and cheer us up when bad times loom. Understanding that we can’t always think happy thoughts is crucial because we should feel a range of emotions. For me, reading a book really helps. I read one called the secret and it was wonderful. It’s all about how we put out good energy to the world then we attract it. Through this law of attraction, we are then over time going to apply this to everyday life and start thinking about the energy that we would like to receive.

3. It’s okay to move on from negativity

Because if you don’t you’re going round in circles and never progressing. Life’s too short to waste it with the wrong people. If you don’t like someone why do you have to be friends with them? Save yourself the time and remove it. There’s no need for bad manners it’s just a case of the older we get the smaller our circles become. When you accept you can’t possibly like everyone in the world life becomes simpler as we are spending it with the right people that satisfy our emotional needs.

4. You have to accept the way that you look.
And I guess if you don’t, then change into a version of yourself that you do like. It is only now at nearly 23 that I have finally accepted I am petite and have small boobs. For years I didn’t feel womanly and didn’t like the way my body looked in certain outfits. I had to force myself to start taking full-length pictures and wearing low cut things so I could learn to love the body I have been given. I actually have a lovely body. I am petite, yes and I am very lucky with my weight with the amount of snacks and treats that I consume. I don’t need any body else to validate my body or say I should look a certain way. This is my body and I shall do what I want with it.

5. Follow your passion
If you think about something continually then follow it. Even if it turns to nothing you still had a flare of enthusiasm about something and that is wonderful because enthusiasm doesn’t come around easily. Following what seems a silly idea could turn out to be a great one. You never know if you don’t take the risk.

6. Being nice DOES get you somewhere
Always has and always will. Being nice sets of your character and how you come across to others. It gets us friends, opportunities, jobs. It’s not easy to be nice all the time but it sure makes me happier being nice to others and being treated nicely in return.

7. Compliments go a long way

This morning at 6:20 ish I got a message whilst I was waiting for the bus to work off an old friend I haven’t spoken to since leaving school. She had driven past me at the bus stop and sent me a message to tell me that she thought I looked beautiful. This morning as I sleepily did my makeup and brushed my hair I felt like I wasn’t up to my usual glam standard. So getting that message really made me feel great. Compliments are a chance to see how others perceive us and they make all the difference. People should be celebrated and we could be banishing somebody else’s insecurities. Food for thought…

8. Bad things are always going to happen but it’s about how we deal with them
I need to accept there is bad in the world but I am not going to contribute to it. I will be a good person and be kind to others not hateful. Living in Manchester was hard hitting this summer with the men attack- especially as I was working there that night. When bad things happen in life we always think about what we could have done to help or if I hadn’t have done this then this wouldn’t have happened. We cannot stop the bad in the world but we CAN make sure we spread peace.

9. Take photographs

Especially of your body. My dad always says that he wishes he had a camera when I was little and when he was my age. It’s a wonderful way to reflect and remember certain things we may have forgotten. I have never truly understood when someone tells you off for taking too many photos. If it makes you happy then do it. Who are we to tell others off for what they enjoy? Take pictures of your body and don’t be shy about it. If you are proud of your progress you do whatever you want with that without fear of being judged. If it’s on your social media then YOU manage it and it’s your association and your choice.

10. Love with all your heart
My favourite cheesy last point but something we sometimes can forget. Life is continually showing us that life is too short so don’t take things for granted. Spread compliments, always say thank you, hold the door open for people, let people know they are ever so loved. Let yourself be loved in return.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts for today and if anyone has any other life lessons that work for them I would love to find out 🙂 ps, if there are typos its cos I am learning to type with falsies on!!