Yesterday I returned to Home Sweet Home in the Northern Quarter for dessert with my friend Amy. Having already researched the menu before my trip, I knew that I was ordering the ‘birthday cake shake’ for £7. I’m quite a fan of Home Sweet Home and if you haven’t been before you should really check it out. It’s on Edge Street so is right in the middle of the Northern Quarter and it does amaaaaazing cake (worth going just for the cake).

So the birthday cake shake is a strawberry milkshake with ice cream, whipped cream, party rings, a piece of birthday cake with frosting AND you get a candle. Even when it’s not your birthday. However, I’m celebrating a new job so… celebrations all round really!

I’m a huge dessert fan and no matter how full I am, there is always room. Every day I overestimate what portion size to have and I always end up in a food coma resulting in a drowsy spell where 9/10 I lie down and fall asleep. Lying down and eating are two of my favourite hobbies. I was stuffed after this as the cakes at Home Sweet Home are HUGE and are so filling, never mind paired with a milkshake!

If anyone can recommend any great dessert places then please let me know 🙂