Despite the typical Mancunian weather, today I have had such a lovely day. I sit writing this in my dressing gown, in a food coma, from the lovely food I have had today at Rustik in West Didsbury. If you haven’t read my blog before hello!! My blog does look slightly different on a mobile as on a laptop the blog fits the screen perfectly but anyho lets talk about food. I first discovered Rustik from an Instagram page I have recently followed called @westdidsbury. This Instagram page showcases all the best restaurants in West Didsbury and the lovely food they have to offer. Rustik is located on Burton Road and to get here you stay on the 143 or the 111.

A catch up with my friend seemed the perfect opportunity to try a new restaurant and some new food. If a restaurant serves smoked salmon and poached eggs, I always choose this option. However, today I decided to pick something that I wouldn’t usually have- chicken wings. Now I know chicken wings aren’t that adventurous, but I only ever have them when I am drunk and get a chicken box. But today I picked the salt and pepper chicken wings from the menu priced at £6. I wasn’t too sure how many I would actually get but I was pleasantly surprised when they brought the dish over and I had 8 really big chicken wings. Surprisingly I managed to eat them all which is a big thing for me. I don’t have a huge appetite and choose to eat little and often. I am a terrible snacker. But these were so delicious and full of flavour. They came with a little pot of sweet chilli sauce which just added to the flavour and meant I ate my meal so quickly. My friend Amy ordered a chicken and waffle dish and it came smothered in bacon, steak and two fried eggs. I thought I would be jealous when her meal came that it had eggs but my meal tasted so good I was distracted.

We were starving and freezing by the time we got to the restaurant but the inside was warm and homely, not too busy and with a pleasant smell of home cooked food. I was so impressed with the price and quality of food and shall definitely be returning to try out some other things from the menu. Let me know if you visit here 🙂 I would love to know what you chose to eat!!