Today I met up with my friend Natasha for brunch and we decided to take a trip to Moose Coffee on York Street in Manchester. I wasn’t too sure whether to write my first blog post about me and what I am interested in, butttt I decided to just go straight in and the more posts that you read the more you will learn.

I first discovered Moose Coffee on an Instagram page I follow, @eatmcr. If you’re into finding new and different places to eat (and staying away chains like I am) then definitely follow them on Instagram as some of my favourite places to dine I have found on there. I currently have a list of places I want to visit and the list is being added to every couple of days. It’s just finding the time to visit them all.

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly team and we were told that we could choose where we wanted to sit, which was a really nice touch. The restaurant was well lit and was fairly busy. We were presented a menu and I was quite shocked with how much choice the menu had in comparison to other places I have ate.

I chose to have the ‘New Hampshire Moose’ which is a toasted bagel with smoked salmon, eggs benedict and a slice of lemon which came to £7.90. And Natasha chose the ‘Lone Star Moose’ which came to £8.50 and was the menus version of a fried breakfast but with a slight twist featuring steak. The meal portions were a really good size for the price and the food was delicious. As a huge fan of smoked salmon I was really pleased that they were generous with the amount on the bagel.

Here is the link to the menu.

I had a great time today and a lovely catch up with Natasha. Looking around the restaurant a lot of tables had pancakes and Nutella so I think a trip back soon for dessert is on the cards.

Thanks for reading and speak to you soon 🙂